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Hi, everyone. I'll try to keep things concise, because I know a wall of text intimidating as heck.

I'm a college student from Malaysia, but I used to live in Australia. Back then, I was suspected ADHD when I was a toddler and got diagnosed when in preschool. I don't remember how I was diagnosed. Maybe because I was young and like didn't pay attention or something.

I never got into meds because counseling helped, the teachers were well-trained, and I was allowed to touch stuff. In addition, my parents were sketchy on giving little kids drugs. Except cough syrup.

Malaysia is where everything sucked. I got bullied and ignored a lot in primary school and church. ADHD wasn't well understood there, like the medication that was traditionally prescribed was caning. My pacing drove my (extended) family up the wall.

That aside, I did quite well in highschool. I got straight A's for my IGCSE. Prob had something to do with actually being interested in philosophy, science, maths and being in a homeschool program. I also had an unhealthy amount of hobbies; I'm consistent with just a few.

Meanwhile, screw college and their time tables. I'm constantly scolded for looking like a clueless kitten and fidgeting. At college, I learnt that leg shaking and forgetting dates are sins.

P.S. fidget spinners are distracting as heck. I pray that my classmate's fidget spinner explodes.
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