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Re: 90 mg Instant release

Originally Posted by psychopathetic View Post
To me it sounds like you're VERY close to trying to abuse Adderall. I mean...look at the long list of stuff you're trying to do to increase it's effects. It's no wonder you have a tolerance to're borderline abusing the stuff.

After re-reading your original post...I guess I really don't have any suggestions for you.

I know I'm coming across as being harsh here...and it's because, well...I am being harsh lol.
But I do feel bad for you . It's not like you wanted to be at this point with these meds. They were helping, and then they's only natural that you try and get that back. That help.
And you absolutely do need and deserve it. And it sucks cause you're moving into a part of your life that will be very stressful and highly damn! You could REALLY use something to help out.

It freaking sucks that Adderall is no longer doing that for you. It sucks that you're having to push so hard to try and get it back to where it use to be.

I guess I do have a suggestion...and my suggestion would be to work with your doctor to try a new medication.
That's not a great suggestion either for you right now...because what a freaking mess switching to new meds can be right now at this point in your life with all the stress of starting residency soon and all the studying and everything.

But I do feel you're on a dangerous path where you are with Adderall. Maybe it's time to let it go before it becomes a very serious problem.
There are other meds for this.

Sorry for being so harsh with my words. I do wish you well though, and I do empathize with you. You're not being a 'bad' person. You're just seeking help for this damned difficult disorder that drags you down in the mud all day. You do deserve that help, and I hope you can find it safely again soon.

Okay, thank you!
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