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Re: 90 mg Instant release

Belikemike1183, I think your first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Questions to ask yourself and to share here so we can help:

- Why are you taking Adderall. ADHD or ADD? Cap your dosage. 30mg/day is a lot. If thats not working, find the "cause". 90mg/day that is "addiction", meaning you have a problem. You are lucky to be a med student. And now hopefully you can take steps. First and foremost flush your body with all chemicals you are taking as that unknowing to you could be playing a havoc counter-acting each other. Its a bad sentence, but Adderall is great and it needs to be respected which currently you are not. 90mg per day is not respecting it.

- Why are you taking huge doses of almost daily Anti-histamine Benadryl and combining it with Doxylamine succinate? Once a while Benadryl/Doxy is good. But taking such a high dose daily basis I would think is counteracting with Addy. Addy sharpens your brain, while Benadryl causes brain fog. Melatonin on other hand is neuroprotective so daily use with Addy is synergistic. But again 50mg, absolutely not. 1/10th of it, maybe. Better make it 1/50th of it.

- B Complex is great. EPA/DHA Omega 3 is great daily. Synergestic with Addy. Tyrosine how much are you taking? If its high dosage on daily basis it could be well problematic with Addy and cause of your 90mg Addy dosage. It would be a good to take drug holiday from Addy, and during that time replenish your neurotransmitter stores with Tyrosine, however taking them concurrently on a daily basis could interfere with Adderall's effectiveness. I dont think there is a specific study on Addy/Tyrosine concurrent usage, however Tyrosine supplements are known to counteract Alzheimer meds absorption. If you must, I would take Memantine instead of Tyrosine alongside Addy.

- Daily Mg is great though I would rather take: Magnesium Threonate instead, its the only form known to cross blood brain barrier and permeate the mitochondrial membranes in brain. Its synergistic with Addy.

Good luck with a USMLE, its a tough exam, but do take a drug holiday. Get everything out of your system first. Detoxify. Live a very clean lifestyle, I do like your breakfast (boiled egg and oatmeal and as someone wrote that dont chase the Addy high with baking soda tricks. Start with a clean slate. Try Addy 30-40 mg normal dose if that does not work, try Vyvanse 70mg.
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