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Smile How to Stay Focused - I figured it out! (Read)

Hey guys, just thought I'd share this.

Well like most of you, I easily get distracted. And sometimes I'll wake up- plan to get it together, before you know it- the whole day's gone & all I did was screw around all day!

I found a way to get focused!

10 Minutes at a time!

I just tell myself, "Ok, for the Next 10 Minutes- I will Focus on this Task I want to work on. And Nothing else! Just this, for 10 minutes!" And I will time myself. And when the 10 minutes is up, I'll do it again & again & again. Til it's been hours & I'm getting lots of work done!

I mean, so many times I have told myself "Ok this is it! We are going to get it together now!" And like 10 minutes later, I forgot all about it!

I can't even Remember to "Get it together." It's too big of an project for me at this moment. I guess I'll admit that going from the point I'm at now (Totally ADD'd out, don't know how to control myself yet.) To just Bam! Cold Turkey- A completely focused mind, taking care of things like I'd like to be. That's a really big Challenge!

And I guess that's totally possible, but for me, I have to do it in little portions. Instead of just saying- Ok, here is the entire Day- Now Make sure you're focused the entire day! And get all this stuff done!

That's hard, I will wonder off- maybe be good for the first 35 minutes, then I'll just get distracted by something, one thing leads to another- next thing you know it's Night time. And all I did was a series of random things that don't even matter!

So! I guess a smart way to do it for me, for now at least is- 10 Minutes at a time! Maybe later I can do 30 minutes at a time, or an hour at a time, then a day at a time, then hopefully I'll have my Rhythem down after a couple months & won't even have to think about it.

But for now- I look at it as, My Routine is- A totally cluttered & disorganized lifestyle. Infact, there is no Routine. But If I stick with it, 10 minutes at a time. And am Consistent. I know that after a while- I will develop a Routine. And not even have to think about it!

I use to have a pretty decent routine in place, I mean certain things.
And I was consistent with it! I just screwed up one day & never got my routine back! So I know I'm capable of pulling it off.

Example- I use to always be in bed by 9:30PM, I'd sleep 9 hours & wake up around 6:30AM. etc.. & for the most recent 3 years I've just been like All over the place with my sleep, which screws me up the next day.

I just really wanted to share that with you guys!

I look at my ADD, partly as a long list of Bad Habits I have. (Partly.)
And also, a small list of Good Habits that I need. (Routine type stuff.)

So I need to work on quitting these bad habits, and acquiring these good habits.

Anyway, yeah.
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