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Re: How to Stay Focused - I figured it out! (Read)

Great advice!!

Another thing I might add are breaks. If you do things 10 minutes at a time, make sure to include a 10 minute break in there too to refresh yourself.

I usually do 5-10 minute breaks every hour, or, if I'm really in the zone, I'll add them up for later.

Breaks are also soooo important for me. It doesn't have to mean not doing anything necessarily, but doing something different.

For example, if I'm at the office, I will work for 60 min on the computer, then for 10 min make some necessary phone calls. Every 2 hours or so, I allow myself some "fun" time for my 10min break.

Sounds like a great plan doesn't it? If only I could stick to it ALL of the time :P
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