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Re: How to Stay Focused - I figured it out! (Read)

Wow does this work! You know what? I don't even have to keep "Re-setting" every 10 minutes.

I just start, and then I'm off! I go off & handle my business.

So now, what I do is- if I'm feeling lazy, or starting to procrastinate something. I will imediately say "Do 10 minutes Right now!" And then I sorta also have a mental note: If I can't jump up & do 10 minutes right this second, then I really am Lazy! I Know! I can stop what every I'm doing (Distractions) And work on something that matters for 10 minutes (What ever task it is.)

So I start right on the dot! Right when I get that thought!
And now it's- the very Second that I Realize I am procrastinating, or slowing down, starting to get distracted, be lazy or what ever. That Very Second that I notice it, I go "10 Minutes Now!" And I don't even let another second go by.

I start! And then I'm off! I just don't even really slow down again, I'll be good until what ever it is- is done.

Also, my Psyhchologist already told me "You have a problem with your 'Start & Stop.' You need to work on your Start & Stop."

So like, I'll pick up my guitar- & then just play for way too long! I'll even tell myself, no longer than 20 minutes (Cause maybe I'm waiting for someone to finnish in the restroom.) But then I have Anxiety when it comes to that 20 minutes time. Like I feel all this anxiety from the thought of- Having to take action! And putting down the guitar.

Anyway- this is my way of dealing with my Start & Stop.

When ever I realize I'm screwing up- I do the 10 minuets & it works!

Also! I would really like to share this Motivational Video I watched yesterday.
I've avoided watching motivational Videos, but WOW! This one really helped me get it together.

Here is the link:

Watching this started a series of events within me! Seriously!
I had a count down yesterday, counted down from 10. And I decided to just Get my act together. Sorta like a new years Resolution.

Ok, guys take care.
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