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Re: NEW to Adderall...can NOT sleep...ADVICE PLEASE!!!!


As far as the caffeine intake goes, I am 23 years old, don't smoke, have not consumed ANY caffeinated beverages in years (except tea) don't do drugs, hardly ever drink, and if I do its 1 or 2, and over all am a pretty healthy person. I looked into it a little further, and I found weight and body fat percentage have a lot to do with the wat amphetamines dissolve in your system. I'm 5'7, 150 lbs...I know you're all probably thinking why on earth is she taking meds for weight loss, but whatever, it is what it is. I've decided that the 40 mg a day, especially coming from virtually zero foreign substances in my system is just WAY too much for me. I'm going to take a little advice from everyone of you that replied to my original post. I took my 2nd pill today around 1pm, it is now 9:48, I am mentally drained and my eyes are burning from the strain, however my body is awake as it has ever been and I don't see an end in comfortable sight. I chugged a full glass of OJ about 7:30, I will admit I felt a rush immediately, almost as if the OJ re-activated the dose, but that quickly wore off and I feel the same as I did before, just more exhausted. Tomorrow I'm going to start my day at my usual time regardless of how much or little sleep I get, continue my excercise regime, however I'm going to take half a 20mg (so 10mg) first thing in the am, and then the other half around lunchtime, hopefully that'll be enough to keep me up, which I like the way it feels, push me through a great workout, but be low enough of a dose to be able to break down by bedtime. If htis doesn't work, I'll go to 10/5 on Saturday and just continue trial and error until something gives, or until I go completely nuts from sleep deprivation. Thanks again for all the input!
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