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Searching for answers

Really glad this forum exists. I'm hoping to find a few answers and maybe get some information about how to go about approaching health professionals.

I have moderate to severe difficulties functioning in a basic, non-skilled job,despite having had a place at Oxford University and doing well academically at school.I don't have the confidence or 'ability' to apply for new jobs or change career.- the kind of networking and planning involved feels far beyond me, despite my reasonable intelligence.

My main difficulties relate to executive functioning, planning and an inability to 'get my life together'. For example, if it's absoultely vital, I can be 'organised' or at least 'get things done', but this costs me lots of energy,money, time and I leave a trail of destruction in my wake. (ie. the tax return gets done, but not without my entire family, the bank, and every helpline knowing about my frantic efforts to find documents). I have difficulties with sticking to things, despite good intentions. I have made terrible and recurrent mistakes in sending the wrong emails to the wrong people. And many other things which I'm going to ask about in another forum..

I have had treatment for social anxiety and general anxiety - both of which have helped me to get out of the house, neither of which have had an impact on my ability to remember the location of things....

Looking forward to finding out what's going on inside my head!
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