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Re: Adderall IR generics... two types?

You've found what I like to call the greatest form of Adderall. Others though, will disagree with me.

The pink 20mg tablets, with COR 135 on them, are the CorePharma brand of Adderall generic. It works so much smoother, etc, than the Barr generics, and it probably is my favorite of all. And I must say, I agree with every word you said. I don't have the "cracked out" feeling as everyone likes to accurately describe it as with the Barr's when I'm taking the CorePharma brand. There are topics on this forum that you can find (search for them) that debate the CorePharma vs Barr generics. You'll often find all the statements based on anecdotal evidence, so its all to be taken with a grain of salt - and if its something good, then well, I'd tell you your taking too much salt (from the movie "The Express" - just watched it the other day, sorry, had to throw that in there). Anyways, moving away from that tangent I almost started, apologies, you should trust your own experience over others when considering the right brand of generic, or the Barr brand name Adderall if you so choose.

You can find the CorePharma brand at Walgreens for sure (make sure to ask the person taking your prescription just to be clear that they aren't carrying the Barr generics). CVS tends to carry the Barr generics, but also brand name. I get my CorePharma's (the 10mg and 20mg dosages I've tried and both are the same, so no difference in quality between dosage formulations) at Walgreens and make sure each time I refill that its that CorePharma brand so that I don't waste my prescription on the Barr's which I absolutely despise now.

Hope that answers your question. By the way, you could have found out what kind it was by searching through google for a pill identifier site, or simply by looking on your packaging. It should say on the bottle both the description of the pills inside, and what brand it is. This is somewhat so you don't confuse them, and also because if your ever stopped by police and they check whats inside, the outside of the bottle details what the pills should look like. I remember one time when I was involved with the police they thought the Barr generics were Ativan or some kind of allergy medicine they had said at one time - thats what they called them when asking me about them, what morons. But that's another story.

If you got any questions, feel free to ask.
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