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Re: Adderall IR generics... two types?

Originally Posted by KatInOuterSpace View Post
This is what I've found to be true for me:

The pink ones are my "social" Adderall...if I'm going to be in an anxious social situation (ie Holidays with in-laws!) then I take the pink ones. They calm me down and take the anxiety away. Make it so that I only need 2 glasses of wine instead of 5.

The orange ones are my "work" Adderall...if I need to focus and be productive at work, this is what gets me in gear. If I take the pink ones in this situation, I hyperfocus on different websites and have no desire to do anything whatesoever. I am more talkative though.
Hmm I'm taking Adderall XR, 20mg. Not even a full week into my regimen so it could be too early to tell, but... the first description, "social" Adderall, is the effect I'm feeling. I feel better and have more energy - been getting more small stuff done. I'm more social which is helping with the stuff that requires socialization. But the ability to focus is not there.
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