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Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?

Hi guys

I have tried Vyvanse myself and researched its mechanism of action.

Please guys, correct me if I am wrong but basically the only difference I can see between taking Vyvanse and taking pure Dexamphetamine (Dexedrine IR for example) is the 1-2 hours that takes to break lisdexamphetamine molecules and convert them into Dextroamphtetamine.

So, obviously the duration of Vyvanse action should be maximum 1-2 hours longer than dexedrine. If dexedrine IR lasts 5 hourse then Vyvanse lasts 5-7 hours. Period.

So Vyvanse 12 advertised hours of action sound like a joke to me.

Am I missing something or they are just openly lying to us with Vyvanse?

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