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Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?

One of the things that suppose to make Vyvanse be really long lasting and act as a non abusable alternative to Adderall is how the formulation consists of a Lysine amino acid cleaved to the detroamphetimine. Since lysine is a amino acid, the dextro does not enter your blood stream through your stomach but becomes metabolized by your liver which slowly turns the dextro in a useable form for your body to use. For me I did not really get the 14 hours of coverage like it said. The length to me was just the same as an instant release tablet which I honestly cant tell the difference between instant release and long acting. I was on 40mg vyvanse which I couldn't afford so I switched back to what I was originally on which was 20mg Adderall twice a day which I never really bothered discussing the change until I found I a Np that I feel comfortable with and have an established patient-doctor relationshionship with. The lysine was very smart for shire to formulate into the stimulate since its provides what a lot of users say as a smooth come up and a smooth comedown which when I was on it, the comedown was really smooth somewhat more smoother than the instant release Adderall but I tolerate comedowns pretty well. The studies that shire did to estimate the length of effect of vyvanse was on patients who ate a certain protein diet. Protein to my understanding allows the liver to excrete more of the enzyme that breaks down the lysine so your body will have more bioavailability of the dextro from the vyvanse.
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