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Re: ADHD and sexual promiscuity....


Yeah I have to admit it's such a taboo not many of us talk about it.

I am a woman. And I love sex. There, I said it!
And it was really good from my first time at 18 and a half. I think because I could hyperfocus on it, how good it made my partner and I feel and so on. It's almost addictive... it's exercise, it feels good, it's fun....

I wonder if the ADD mind somehow processes those feelings/chemicals differently? I remember reading somewhere our level dopamine is different somehow and this is the chemical that is released during the act. Any thoughts?

I have gotten to the point where I will do my best to wait a while before having sex with a guy. Because when I get started I want it all the time!

So I am trying my best to hold off a lot in relationships. It's almost like there's so much of me I don't want to scare a guy off by bombarding him with all of it. There's so much that goes on in my mind (pretty much all good stuff too) that to get it all at once would be too intense. Does anyone else get what I'm saying?
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