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Re: The 10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Make - ADHD

Originally Posted by innocentat50 View Post
Hey atomx,
I do not know how long you were into programming, but I guess not as long as I was - 32 years. Only my very first programming job lasted more than 3 years. All others lasted less than 2. I found out close to 10 years ago that I am ADD and Bipolar 2, but it did not keep me from trying again and again. That is, until I worked for my last employer that is a subsidiary of a Japanese company. Apparently Japanese companies set up their offices in very large rooms without any dividers like cubicles, just desk after desk after desk. That is about the worst you can do to an ADDer - nothing BUT distractions!! Anyway, I lasted a year and a week.
After filing for unemployment benefits I started taking aptitude/interest tests. One through Employment Security, one through Vocational Rehabilitation, one on the internet that I paid for, and one as part of a training program through the Software Association of New Hampshire. Guess what - all of them came up with the same result: I am in the wrong profession. They all recommended to go into an arts field like painting or music or writing. I scored the highest in music where my score compared favorably with professional musicians. I suggest you do the same. Get tested. It may change your life. If you score high for the arts I have some additional suggestions.

@innocentat50: Can you direct me to any online aptitude tests??

I am 2 years in to career as a HR and I strongly suspect I am gonna get fired and since day one of my job I wanted to change my career.
Thanks a lot for the post. It gives me some hope.

The day dreamer.
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