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I'm glad to know I could be an encouragement to you. I'm curious though, is Strattera your first medication also or did stimulants not work out for you.

I have been thinking that if I had tried stimulants first then I could have had more immediate effects to notice. I think that could have helped me more than gradual change. However, after thinking about it, I think my doctor is reluctant to prescribe controlled substances, and who could blame him. It would certainly be better to try Strattera first use the time to confirm diagnosis than to have given someone drugs to sell.

Hopefully your doctor will agree to start the higher dosage. I hope he will be willing to consider other options for you as well if that doesn't work. I think my doctor will, but he was adimant about giving Strattera its maximum chance of working.

As for my success, well after the first two days going so well, since then it has been a little more sporadic. Of course considering two months of 80mg did not convince me of improvment, it makes sense that an increase will need time to work also.

"Why not tomorrow?"
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