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Re: Insecure - is this related to ADHD?

sadly i think insecurity is a problem of adhd. the issue is that we put ourselves out there and are often reprimanded for doing things that are natural to us. for example in social settings it would be things like interrupting, changing topics rapidly, domninating conversations. in a work setting it might be making decisions without thinking them through, forgetting things, disagreeing with co-workers etc. after years and years of negative feedback we become hesitant to engage in any action out of fear that we may be reprimanded and so theres a bit of mental dissonance. i know im good at science and math and english yet i received terrible grades which indicate that i am bad at those subjects. this dissonance inherently comes with insecurity. i understand social rules and im attractive and likeable yet its hard for me to remember to text people back or invite them to things so people think i dont care to be friends with them.

constant negative feedback in multiple areas of your life will cause you to believe you are less capable than you really are. this is why i believe people with adhd are generally more insecure on average.
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