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Re: A few blurbs I found regarding Hyperfocus

I can see I'm going to get something from reading through these, but this really has been something that's been a huge advantage to me through the years...

My infinite dedication to gymnastics. I trained about 30 hours a week as well as school by the age of 12 (it turns into a trauma after that - mibbe another post). Anyway, it jointly used up and gave me a safe outlet for my energy, taught me about goal setting and positive reinforcement. Taught me that some things are worth the effort.

My job - I'm really good at it. Because even thought it's in an office and a lot of it's numbers and papers, I've had a lot of freedom to think big, join the dots, fill in the gaps...something that requires more than just the office's like a hobby sometimes.

But something's gone wrong there.

I'm not sure how much is me, how much is poor management. But in the self-questioning style of somebody who probably has ADHD, I'm sure I'll have done something wrong. Something I never quite meant to. And I feel like a 10 year old getting reprimanded in school again without quite being sure about the reasons why
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