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Re: A few blurbs I found regarding Hyperfocus

This thread is great.

I hyperfocus on forums like this one. On typing random posts and comments online. Lately that's taken up a lot of my time. If someone asks me what I did today, probably the main thing I'd think of is that I wasted time typing a long response to a random post on the internet, and then I probably didn't even post it because I was being a perfectionist about it (if it was a blog or article, at least).

I've definitely hyperfocused on video games... like full on OCD level of obsession... I do have an obsessive personality, but I think that ADD is the main problem which turns me OCD sometimes. In 8th grade, I started playing this game... and it was like my entire life for four months. Then I realized the game was just stressing me out and making me angry because I couldn't advance quickly enough anymore, and the other players were mean, plus it had completely taken over my life... so I just suddenly stopped playing altogether and started to hate video games and tried to avoid ever getting sucked back into one by avoiding all games. I wanted my life back. A few years later I ended up getting sucked into another game for a month or two... this time was even worse. I wasn't in school so it literally was my entire life for that period of time. What's more, I hated myself for playing the game because I was 19 and should be above it by now... it wasn't even nearly as sophisticated or interesting a game as the other one. I'd wake up, play the game all day, eat, and sleep, repeat. It was pathetic. And I still hated video games the entire time I was playing it. I couldn't make myself stop no matter how stupid I thought it was. But when I finally did, I never looked back - so in that sense, it wasn't an addiction. No withdrawal. But I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone in real life about the full extent of my obsessions with video games. I haven't played any since that one, but it was like... the game is built to give you all these little rewards. Tiny rewards in perfect succession so that you get addicted to getting the rewards... if I'd been on Ritalin, I wouldn't have gotten sucked in like that because I'd have had control over my attention, and I don't deem video games worthy of it and haven't since 8th grade.

I hyperfocus on Facebook and all sorts of random internet activities. I'm almost as embarrassed about this as the video game thing. It's the same thing, in essence. I rarely get up from my computer unless I have to. I can't use dating sites because they make dating extraordinarily time consuming with all my endless browsing of profiles...
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