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Re: Come on In If You're Online And Say Anything: Part III

Originally Posted by namazu View Post
For your own posts...
Click "User CP" at the top left of the screen (in the blue menu bar).
There will be a list right there, in reverse chronological order, of threads you've posted in that have received replies ("New Subscribed Threads").
(There's an age cutoff for that list, but you can see all the threads you've posted in by clicking "View all Subscribed Threads".)

You can also subscribe to threads (if you don't have anything to add, but want to follow the thread for replies) by clicking "Thread Tools" at the top right of any thread, and then choosing " Subscribe to this Thread"

If you want to receive e-mail anytime someone posts to a thread you follow, there's a setting in the User CP for that:
In the User CP, click "Edit Options".
Scroll down to "Messaging & Notification".
Where it says "Default Thread Subscription Mode", you can choose Daily, Weekly, or Instant Notification (or alternatively, you can choose no e-mails, or choose not to automatically subscribe to threads in which you've posted).
Whoa...complicated. Better screen-shot this.
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