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That's interesting -- seems almost counter-add. I crumble under pressure and deadlines. I can't finish things and a lot of half-completed products becuasue my distractability makes it SOOO easy to procrastinate and do other things...such as respond to this instead of writing my report. ;-)

As for creativity, I believe it's something that must be nurtured. I was taught to be a perfectionist of classical music technique on my violin as a boy for over ten years, yet not once was I asked or encouraged to *make* new music--to improvise or compose. Talk about resentment of childhood. I see my nephew, very much like me, and he has so much creative potential--it's practically bursting out. I just hope my sister doesn't cram perfectionism down his throat. I secretly imagine steeling him for a month and sending him to various music festivals--bluegrass, jazz, and jam bands--to plant some seeds of creativity.

I'm glad you're great under deadlines. But I don't understand. Is that natural or something you learned to cope with ADD tendancies?

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