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Originally Posted by Fluvial_Shell
I'm glad you're great under deadlines. But I don't understand. Is that natural or something you learned to cope with ADD tendancies?
For some ADD'ers deadlines may trigger the opposite of too little focus--sometimes called hyperfocus. It creates a little world of its own and time goes by unnoticed while the brain works at lightspeed. Well, sometimes at lightspeed. In my case, the ADD pattern has been to find myself simply unable to start a project until the looming deadline makes it a crisis.... at which point the adrenaline surges and the brain starts working, hyperfocus kicks in, I stay up all night working and neglect anything else I should be doing, produce fantastic work for the deadline and walk around like a zombie the next day. That's how I've dealt with deadlines ever since I can remember. It's not always so extreme. It's a gift or a curse, depending on how and when it kicks in. When it absorbs you into creative work it's a gift. I personally can't do much creative unless hyperfocus kicks in.
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