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i pretty much had this figured out, good reminder about going to the doctors, i hate it cuz they make you wait in the room for an hour and then talk to you for half that time. I have plenty of people that knew me young, my family doesn't know much about it at all, they had the wrong impression on it. At first they didn't think it was possible because i was a really smart person. Thats not the case though. The only **** i learn is what i teach myself, do it at my own pace in my own way. I always try to write to keep my mind eased mostly lyrics ill try to get a line in whenever i feel like letting everything go away, try it, it costs $30 to have a therapist tell you that. Plus i cant have caffeine but that doesnt matter. I dont see him anymore but he's cool. He tought me a bunch of techniques in the 2-3 months i was seeing him b/c my old dr. said i should do that if i was going to get a script of zoloft. I write too much
"The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams"

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