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Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know

Hello, my name is Sera, I am 53 and due to unfortunate circumstances I am raising my 6 years old grandson. When he was 4 he was diagnosed for ADHD. To make a long story short I sent him to a Tomatis institute where their treatment seemed to be helping him for a while. But after few months his attention started being even more dispersed than before and the treatment became almost futile. The only thing that had positive effect on his attention was music and only as long as he was listening to it. As soon as he stopped listen, his attention dropped dramatically. Background music wasn't doing any good. He was calmed and focused only when he had his headset on.
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One interesting issue was the fact that there wasn't much different in the kind of music he was listening to, as long as it was undisturbed by other sounds or voices. We tried special headsets, synchronizing both the music and external sounds or voices, but it did not work for him. One day I saw a TV family program and there was doctor who spoke about frequency medicine. That doctor mentioned treatment by sounds composed of different frequencies. The theory is that each illness has different frequency and that sounds with specific frequencies can heal illnesses.>>
I started reading about this treatment and even found a practitioner who was using a device that evoked sounds that for the first time had a lasting effect on my grandson. He liked going to this clinic because he said liked the sounds. I asked the practitioner if he can record the sounds on a CD so my grandson could use it at home. He refused to do that and dismissed us with some excuses.>>
I was looking for such recordings on the Internet and couldn't find anything.

We have all the music that is being played in the Tomatis treatments including those Gregorian chants he likes very much. Until one day I found a site for sounds frequencies (there are many) which had ADHD and ADD sounds.

I downloaded them and since that moment there is a growing positive effect on my grandson. He listens to the sounds 20 minutes before school and he is allowed to put on his headsets during class hours when there are personal assignments. The name of the site is healtone and I really recommend trying these sound, it really works for us.>>

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