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Re: non-drug treatment success stories please!

I'm SOO happy to see you start this thread!

I definitely have had major attention-focus issues, and have all my life, but as I was never told I had a "disorder", I just learned how to function.

I was also fortunately introduced to a healthy lifestyle approach early in life, so I naturally (no pun intended ) looked into herbal/food/supplement help.

I should also mention that my two children have the same issues, and I've been working with them on different remedies -- it's important to know that every person with this challenge is usually deficient in specific nutrients, but it varies from person to person what they're deficient in. So we've had to do some experimenting.

Overall, I've seen the most improvement in all of us by adding fish oil with DHEA. I use Nordic Naturals because I believe it's one of the purest (free of mercury,etc...), and they have gel caps so we avoid the bad fishy taste. Not only does it help the brain, but the whole body loves it!

Phytonutrients are also really important. I wish I could say we "easily" get them from our food (raw veggies and fruits), but we don't. We still eat plenty, but "easily" isn't accurate. But that's another detailed story. Suffice it to say that most of the fruits/vegs we get in the grocery store didn't ripen "on the vine" so we don't get the major chunk of nutrients we're suppose to get. Also, mix in herbicides, pesticides, and the nutrients are further diluted. So in my family, we get organic and locally grown (home garden even better!), but we also take a supplement...I mix in a very pure fruit/veg powder mix with OJ, and the kids take the same powder in capsules.

There are places that test to see what specific nutrients a person is deficient in. We haven't done this, and I'd still like to. But with the quality (quality is Very important) multi-vitamin, phytonutrients, and fish oil we take, and healthy eating, I think we've got a lot covered.

Zinc is another nutrient that I've heard can be deficient in people with attention-focus challenges.

I know you said your child isn't hyperactive, but others might find this helpful. I'm looking into "chicory" to help give a calming effect without sedating and creating that "stupor" effect. I hate when I see kids/teens who are no longer "themselves" because of this side effect of common drugs. I always experiment on myself first, and I'm going to start with a flower essence "chicory" first and see if I notice any benefits. I heard how one man's mother (he's now 65 but was & is naturally Very hyperactive) benefitted from chicory coffee mixed with mashed ripe bananas (HE needed four! of these every morning), creating ~ a soupy paste. We can easily eat a banana, but I'm looking for a successful source of chicory that's easier on the taste buds

I've heard good things about the Focus and Sparky products for kids, but I THINK they're alcohol based and I was trying to find non-alcohol. It's been awhile so I might be wrong.

This is a continual passion of mine. I'm even putting together material to put on a website so I can share all that I've learned. It's a shame not to get all my research out there for others to benefit from. Including coping skills, other alternative approaches, etc...

Hope this helps. And I hope we can keep this thread going!

All the best,

p.s. I'm happy to share whatever I have if you're interested.
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