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Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know

Just a caution because when you find a doctor who takes adhd seriously that is good but there are others who medicalize beyond what's necessary--my approach is let's try on our own with behavior interventions, if that doesn't work, no blaming, just then slowly incorporate medication until we see improvement, then try bringing the medication down as low as possible. (This is talking in spans of months/years) It's hard to find someone who gets the balance right-- And the world now is especially hard for kids with ADHD (mandatory testing, etc.), so I would just add that along with a therapist/doctor who is willing to diagnose and provide medication, be sure that you find someone who will support your (or your child's) experience and care for the social and self esteem aspects of adhd.

Also, while ther may not be tests for adhd, there are clinical tests that measure inattention and impulsivity to visual and auditory stimuli (computer based, age-normed) that will give you a percentile to compare with the rest of the population.
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