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Re: non-drug treatment success stories please!

Wow so much wonderful information! It is so amazing to see so many people trying different things. My son, 9, has always struggled staying focused in school. He also is not hyperactive, but was diagnosed with ADHD? When he was in 2nd grade I tried him on Brightspark and he turned very "ugly". My very sweet lovable child changed and he was very rude with me and others. I took him off of it after only a week, but I am now understanding this may have been normal. We have tried so many OTC products, but still haven't found one that really helps. We are currently doing the Learning Breakthrough program, but after a parent/teacher conference last Friday I did more research. Since starting the LB program in February I have noticed a difference, but it is minor at this point so I can't really say one way or the other. Monday I ordered ADD-vantage from and should have my order in later this week. Will repost and let everyone know how that works out. I have commited to trying it for two weeks.

Good luck to everyone and their various treatments!
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