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Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know

Awesome article.. I wish I had seen this. I went to a psychiatrist who didn't even tell me he doesn't prescribe stimulants without a special "ADD test" that you have "passed"...even though I was diagnosed with one ten years ago apparently it wasn't valid anymore. He didn't even bother to TELL me this until I started questioning on the second visit why he chose to put me on Effexor which I quickly learned wasn't exactly a typical ADD medication...though it can be helpful. Its a long story why I wanted off of it and not the point here... Anyway this "test" would cost me 3 specialist visits to obtain with 3 $50 co pays... and then only then would he begin to consider the ritalin, adderall (stimulants) type drugs for use in treatment. UGH... I finally found a family dr. that would prescribe them. But to be honest he didn't question my diagnosis ENOUGH...pretty much just took my word for it... so I do believe that the information here about finding the right dr. and HOW should be heeded very carefully!! I look forward to learning how to deal with my ADD from you all! And hope I can offer some insights to others as well... I am 33 years old and treatment has been a LONG time coming.. I have been either breastfeeding, pregnant, or poor for the last 7 years and haven't been able to address the issues til now...
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