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Lightbulb Re: Attention Deficit Disorder 101: What every beginner in ADD needs to know

Thanks SO much for posting this way back when. I am 44 and recently diagnosed. Not terribly happy with the doc that did the diagnosis, but he got it right and the meds are already making for serious change/improvement, but I wasn't sure where to go from here. Nearly done with Hallowell's Delivered from Distraction, which has been monumentally educational and had me in floods from time to time, but I still wasn't getting the real skinny on "what to do next." I've been scanning the forums, but doing it in true ADD fashion, not really landing anywhere that I felt was useful until now. I feel like I have my third starting point after reading this post. First the diag and meds, then the book for starting my ADD education and now the where to go from here with regard to what I should be looking for from the meds and what to look for with regard to therapy. Have taken some seriuos big steps, leaps even, in a very short time but live in fear that I'll crash and burn soon without some learned direction. I feel like I just found that and will be interviewing therapists next week when I get back from my current business trip as well as seeing about some meds adjustments until I really find the sweet spot I feel is coming.

Wow, that was supposed to just say thanks for the post. Oh well. I'll just add "learn to be succinct" to my list, which is getting seriously long!

Thanks again,
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