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Hm, don't think it has anything to do with ADD, but I've noticed that birthorder can greatly have an effect on your place in the family.

I'm the baby of the family no matter how you slice it. My mom miscarried her first child which would have been a girl. Then she had my oldest brother, Jeffrey. Then she had my next brother, Jarrett. Then she miscarried another girl. THEN she had me, then a hysterectomy.

I was the baby, PLUS the only surviving girl, so I guess in some ways I was spoiled; but at the same time, they tried to hinder me from some things that they let my brother's do. Kinda made me bonkers at times.

Anyway...Considering that I know both of my brothers have some degree of OCD, and probably an ounce of undiagnosed ADD, I don't think it has anything to with our birthorder.

Just my 2 cents.
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