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Birth order has nothing to do with ADD.

I came from a family of 10 kids.

I'm number 6 in the mix. My older brother who is number 3 in order has worse ADD than I do.
I think my oldest sister had it: #2 in the mix. (She's dead now, but let me ask her ).

I'm positive my youngest sister, #9, has ADD.

#3, #6, and #9 have it: So maybe it's just an "ODD" child thing. Full pun intended.

Of my 3 kids the middle child has ADHD. Which blows the "ODD" theory since he is neither odd nor odd numbered in order.

Of my brothers 5 kids 4 of them have ADHD.

the 2 older of my sisters 3 kids have ADHD.
I realized that
we exist in human form
purely to amuse
our "higher" selves.
I just hope I can remember that I came to this realization!

And I'm sick of giving people advice. They don't listen. They don't really want to deal with their issues. They just want to whine and complain and have someone else listen and tell them everything is going to be OK!

Well, everything is NOT going to be OK unless you learn to handle whatever comes your way.
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