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Re: The "I Have a New Job" Thread

ok, this isnt really a new job. but over the summer my dad kinda forced me to get a job at the local auto parts store (probly a good thing. i havent gotten a job on my own yet. only had 3 tho). thanks to school tho right now i only get 4 hours every 2 weeks.

most days that i work i only have to deliver parts (those are the days that i love). but on mondays when the boss is there i actually have to help customers and answer the phone (man do i hate answering the phone). the delivering parts is fun because i only have to focus and pay attention for 5 or so minutes at a time.

my first job that my dad forced me to get was so boring. i had to work for 3 hours on nights and clean the store. it only took maybe an hour to do everthing that i was supposed to, so i ended up bored by the end of the night. i eventually quit because of a scheduling conflict
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