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Re: You know your child is ADHD when...

when he leaves his shoes at school, for the third day running, and swears he didn't have them on when you dropped him off. (they turn up in his locker)

When he goes to the kitchen to make jam saarmies and sets the stove alight by trying to "deep fry" them.

when he does the "mom?" thing and ends up saying "ummmmm well.....i love you?"

when he tries to bath in Jik (bleach) because he doesnt want you to see the "tattoos" he drew all over himself with permanent marker!!

when u come home to a blue cat because he wanted him to be a power ranger

goes in to clean his room and ends up making a "battle zone" instead. ~ really mom, I like it this way~

when he leaves his pencils lying around and swears he is going to use them

When he drives everyone around us crazy by bouncing in the seat of a movie theater (thank the powers that be for DVD's)

When you find him sleeping in the bath, duvet and all, at 3 in the morning. "why did you put me here!?" (is sleepwalking a symptom of ADHD?)

and I'm sure we can all go on......great thread, makes one feel better about the things we deal with everyday.......
but admit it....our little geniuses are FANTASTICAL!

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