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Re: You know your child is ADHD when...

Originally Posted by scully View Post
Hello...I'm new here as of today (I posted an introduction) but I couldn't resist posting on this thread.

My son is 8 (almost 9) and we had an "ADHD adventure" just this morning. He, being his usual impulsive self , decided to stick his tongue on a metal pole while waiting at the bus stop. We live in MI, so needless to say, his tongue froze to the pole...and we ended up in the urgent care. After telling a big whopper of a story about how he jumped off a stump and landed with his tongue on the pole (he lies/embellishes, non-stop), he finally admitted that he doesn't know why he did it...he just did.

Now, with a swollen and skinless tongue, we're sort-of-kind-of having a quiet day because he can't talk! I don't think our house has been this quiet in, well, 8 years.

*sorry to gross-out on my first real post, but I couldn't resist sharing*

Welcome to our world!
OMW i laughed so hard! sorry bout that, but mine has done a similar thing with the side bar in my (1960's) fridge......we had to get the ambulance out because he wouldn't let us touch him and just kept screaming!

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