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Re: You know your child is ADHD when...

[b]Well I have stories from my daughter and from my little cousin.....

Daughters Stories......

She decided to paint herself to be a zebra after watching madagascar 50 times....only she did it with a black sharpie....and painted the bed (blankets...pillows.....sheets)

Her bed and dresser and walls in her room have stickers and drawing with sharpies.

She loses her backpack or homework folder several times a week.

You find packs of half eatten crackers/chips etc.. in her dresser drawers!

The whole Mikayla.....I love you mommy (cause she forgot what she wanted) and you can't get angry because she is saying I love you mommy

She asks how come I can't have dairy daddy had ADD too.....just the boy form and he can have milk!

She tells everyone EVERYTHING.....the cashier at walmart knows your date of birth....address....full name.....and would probably know your social if your child did!

Cousins Stories.....

He once started a forrest fire from play with matches

His dads guns were locked up but not the he decided to get a bullet....put it on the concrete patio......get a hammer.....hit the bullet with a hammer.....which caused it to fire and shot himself in the arm. (he told the doctor he was shot by a drive by shooter) He lives in the woods with no one around!

At the age five he woke up in midst of winter before his mom and was found outside with only underwear on spraying the chickens with a water hose and angrily throwing food at them....When asked what he was doing he replied I am feeding these Fing chickens so they will shut up and I can sleep!
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