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Re: The "I Have a New Job" Thread

Originally Posted by DotwithADD View Post
Sorry, I haven't been around much, lately...been busy because I got a new full-time 'paying' job. I had been working as a volunteer at one of the hospitals near where I live, and the day I had an interview at that hospital business office, I recieved a call of a job offer within one week of speaking to the HR director at a smaller independent medical practice. I even told him (when offered a job, it's okay to disclose your ADD/ADHD disabilities, or should I say, disABILITIES? Yes, I should)... about my ADD, hearing impairment, etc. I also asked him other questions that are important: benefits, job description, etc. (NOT vacation, etc.).. I am working in an Independent Cardiology Medical practice as a Medical Records Clerk. I have also been trained (still in training, of course) in the front desk/receptionist. I fill in for the full-time receptionist during her lunch hour. I also fill in for her when she's out of the office, usually for a day or two. It's been very INTERESTING.. But, I didn't think I'd like the front office/receptionist.. but I like it.. it's not my favorite job.. but it is part of the job, and I'm learning a lot.. the hard way, sometimes. But the office staff are very helpful in helping me learn the correct way to do my job and help others with their job. They know I have ADD and a hearing impairment so they try to help me understand the reasons for different aspects of my job, especially when it has to do with patients, other healthcare facilities, nurses, doctors, even pharmaceutical reps, etc... But, of course, our most important commodity are the patients. Anyway... it doesn't matter what our "challenges" are, it matters how we live with them. I refuse to use my "challenge" as a crutch or excuse to get what I want or work when I want.. Nooooooo sirrrrreee! I am and have always been a hardworker.. and don't plan to change that! I grew up learning to be a hardworker.

So, those of you who wonder if there is any hope for jobs for you, Yes! But it takes a lot of work (for us with ADD/ADHD, etc.) to get there. And once we achieve it, we need to keep at it.
Update.. I got laid off in November, but even though it wasn't medical office related, I began to work at Greenberg Smoked Turkeys again this last Holiday Season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) which ended Dec. 22. It was a seasonal job. I'm now looking for work again... I was hoping that I wouldn't have to look for work again and go through interviews again, also. But, nope... Oh well, it's back on the interview "saddle" again...


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