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Re: The "I Have a New Job" Thread

Woohoo!!! I finally have a job again!!

It's at a cattery not far from me, it alos happens to be where the Pet Cemtery & Crematorium is where Poppy went in February But I only work at the cattery.

It's actually cleaning out the chalets they stay in, but once I've learned the basics I can do more and the pay goes up. I had a trial day on Saturday and really enjoyed it, it's hard work but at the same time it's not hard. I did pretty well and the lady who supervised me said I did very well and that I'm a quick learner So they were happy and gave me the job!

It's just Saturdays at the moment, then full-time from mid July-til the end of the summer when it's busy, then back to weekends. Perfect, seeing as I'm going back to college (as in sixth form college, not university) in September, to do the BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management I received the news I'd got into the college when I got back from the cattery so two lots of brilliant news in one day!

It's only 4 hours a day too so not too much, it's purrrfect!

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