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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Originally Posted by Captain Obvious View Post
If ya'll want a good chemical that helps with the "fog" effect, try some ALCAR (acetyl-L-Carnitine). Stack it with a good choline source such as bitartrate or citrate, a B-complex, and some ALA (alpha lipoic acid). Last maybe some potassium.

This stack really seems to make everything more clear for me. Especially when you first start taking ALA, your vision is clearer, which only adds to the good "clear" feeling this stack gives you.

It's not a solution to the sluggishness/motivation difficulties. That's best solved with meds + therapy. Nor does it help with processing speed, per se. When I'm on it, my thoughts and task accomplishment are still slower than the average person, but everything "clicks" more, and you're just a little closer to "normal."

If you have no idea what any of that stuff is, just google "nootropics" and immerse yourself in a brave new world of brain chemicals.
What dosage do you use or recommend for those supplements? I see that I can get all of those from the combination of Jigsaw Complete and Brain Support from 175mg of choline bitartrate, 100mg of ALA, 100mg of acetyl-L-Carnitine, and a pretty hefty B complex. I suspect that everything except the B complex is too low and doubling up on Brain Support would be awfully expensive? I've had good luck with their products though. I see that GLA might help make ALA more effective and I get that from an omega 3-6-9 blend (2 tablespoons/day, attempting to fix what I think is EFA deficiency). Someone mentioned L-Theanine being good too?

Nootropics, great, ANOTHER thing to research...

I figured out what my psych did wrong with my ADHD testing: he was using children's guidelines, not adult's. The "ADHD in Adulthood" book recommended in another thread says that that's going to cause most adults to get the "inconclusive" verdict that I was given.

The good news is that my family doc (who recommended ADHD testing in the first place but not the cheap route I took) is willing to work with me on figuring this out. He's started me on 10mg of Adderall, which we'll bump up 10mg at a time every 10 days until we either hit the right dose or something goes wrong. I took my first pill this morning to no significant effect, as I expected from reading this thread. That's OK, I'm on the path.

The drugstore gave me generic dextroamphetamine. I assume that's OK? But... they're blue. Adding petrochemical coloring to meds, especially when you're trying to fix neurology... geeze. I'll use them anyhow. Little blue nerd pills. I should sic the Feingold ladies on the manufacturer.
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