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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

So I've come to the conclusion that this SCT thing is a glutamate malfunction. NOT a dopaminergic or norepinephrinergic one. That said amphetamines DO help, but indirectly.

Let me explain.

I was put on a medication called namenda that is called an "NMDA'' receptor antagonist. The neurotransmitter glutamate binds to this receptor. So this medication prevents glutamate from binding to these receptors. What's the purpose of this? Read on...

Amphetamines stimulate LOTS of different neuro transmitters, thus they have very potent effects. However, has anyone else noticed that they seem to lose their potency after a few days? That's because of glutamate.

Glutamate is toxic to neurons in high amounts. Amphetamines raise glutamate to toxic amounts, EVEN at normal therapeautic dosages. In other words, you don't have to be an ABuser to experience the neurotoxicity over time.

Your body's response to this is to de-sensitize the glutamate receptors. THIS ACTION makes amphetamines SAFE to take for long periods of time without damaging the brain permanently.

HOWEVER, by doing this, you lose some of the effects. The HIGH ENERGY, SPEED, MOOD, AND MOTIVATION effects.

This is NOT to say that stims are dangerous. They are extremely safe if taken responsibly. BUT, their theraputic potential is VASTLY reduced over time.... Even so, they're better than nothing.

Getting back to my Namenda and NMDA glutamate receptors, Namenda REGULATES these receptors so that healthy levels of glutamate can still flow, but not the unhealthy levels. It puts a CEILING effect on glutamate binding, so to speak.

What this does is ELIMINATE THE TOLERANCE TO AMPHETAMINE'S "FIRST FEW DAYS" EFFECTS. This is MUCH more therapeutic than amphetamine consumption over-time WITHOUT the protective effect of Namenda.

Namenda is actually an Alzheimer's medication, and it's mechanism of action on regulating the glutamate neurotransmitter is helpful in this disease....

So, in other words, this tolerance-blocking effect is a SIDE EFFECT!!!

At the end of all this... when the train of confusing information reaches the station, so to speak, is that you can ENHANCE the performance of your medication to not only be "normal" but even BETTER THAN NORMAL. In other words... REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!

How can you do this?? More on that next post...

Wow.... re-reading that makes it look like I'm some kind of medication sales-person. I'm NOT. This post is based on my experiences and my research as an individual, and I have no affiliation with any pharmaceutical company. I am not trying to sell my ideas for any personal gain. I am merely posting this information to help people on this site.
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