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Lightbulb Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Hey there just saying sup? Like many of you, I get bored and depressed easily. I have to be stimulated all the time.
Conversations rarely pull me out of whereever I'm at mentally. I guess that one's a little more ADHD-I, but fudge it.I can't hold a conversation to save my life. I always envied those who could. When I'm with a good friend, my mind can function fast enough to hold a decent conversation. I often have to ask twice to get a grasp on anything verbal. I often come off as dull and slow. Holding eye contact seems liek an overload no one else can understand. People always made fun of me for my slowness. The more I forgot, the worse I would forget. It's all too arduous. I just make sure things are done at my speed now. I work at a fairly repititious job, which rarely stresses me out. With the lowered stress comes a lot of boredom. I have to ask my bosses to switch me around every once in a while just save my sanity.
School always bored me and I was edxhausted all the time. I never studied in high school. I just relied on whatever knowledge I gleaned to pass the ACTs to get into university. I had a 1.6 gpa.In college, I crammed like most of you. I always passed the finals, but felt like I coulda done more.
My only cure for my fog has been stimulation. I get this from athletics, travel, and caffeine. The caffeine is my drug of choice. Most my friends and cooworkers woudl hurl if they drank the amount of coffee I did every work day. During school, I could focus only if I had a coffee before or during lectures. Weekends require less caffeine. It doesn't cure anythning, just helps maintain a slightly higher leval of concentration than normal. Athletics help get the heart rate up, but travel is the ultimate adreniline rush for me. I only feel alive then. New places and cultures waiting to be explored.
After my latest trip, things seem to have gotten better. I think that I may have developed better coping methods or something while away. I stll have problems, but they seem less important now. Thanks for taking the tme for me. I didn't know there were others out there that can feel my daily existance.
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