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Re: Can my primary care physician prescribe me ADHD Meds (anyone)

Yes they can ----- but primary care physicians are often not nearly as educated or as willing as specialists in the field (an MD who is a psychiatrist, an ADHD LHMC (licensed mental health counselor) who can also prescribe adhd meds, and so forth). My primary care physician prescribed me less than 20% of the does I needed and would not go higher as this class of drugs are regulated by the DEA and they often are very cautious in prescribing. Often, they don't have the time or patience to really ramp you up and fine tune you to the right dosage as a primary care physician wants you in and out as quickly as possible. My primary care physician wanted me in and out asap and didn't even have a specialist to refer me too and he even told me he has ADHD too but that meds alone are good enough which is not true since the underlying behavior must change too. I found my psychiatrist (all of them are MD's who specialize in psychiatry and then may pick different specialties like ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc) on my own who is really good at fine tuning one's meds over time and time is what it takes for your body to adjust and for you to know which dosage works best for you. National sites like CHADD,, and so forth have referral networks where you can find one. Google works too of course.
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