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Re: How to Communicate with Someone Who Has ADD and Doesn't Know It

I feel like there's something I'm missing when I'm posting here. I'm not upset or anything, it's just that that's my whole point - she did ask for help. And I understand that it is I who is just going to have to stick it out and everything, and I have - I've been patiently doing so for more than three years and I will do so for countless more. Trying to be a superior being couldn't be further from what my attempt here is to do. She knows she does this with everyone else and when she first asked in passing if there was something we could do to just communicate a little better, my suggestions didn't seem to work out. And that's okay, they just didn't. After some more attempts I wasn't sure what to do, as communication is important for what we are doing. That's why I posted here, but I feel like my motive was not made clear. When I brought up the email cheat sheet, I didn't mean for that to seem out of the blue, but that is exactly what I do for work: I write tutorials on using computers. I've written dozens and dozens, my friend even uses most of them, but what occurred to me during this was that I had never written one regarding online communication - it just never came up. I didn't talk to my friends about this, because they know her. That's why I posted here, so that I wouldn't invade her privacy. After seeing the responses, I feel really bad, because it's clear that I did not make it evident what my motives were. I don't want people to get the idea that I am trying to control this person, who I deeply respect and care about.

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