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Re: Dos and Don't with an AD/HDer

I love this thread!

Great idea to have it pinned!

Ok I have a few...

Don't treat me like I'm a kid, or say embarrassing things about myself in front of people, especially when I'm first meeting them! My boyfriend does this a really bugs me! Like, one example I can think of might seem pretty random and funny but it just annoyed me. Basically:
One day I randomly craved strawberry ice cream a few days later when we went shopping we got some and cos I hadn't had it in ages I was...well, I dunno, just happy to have some!
My boyfriend took that to mean I love everything strawberry flavoured and bought some strawberry mousses...which was nice of him, I'm not complaining...but still, he made out as though I was some strawberry-obsessed freak
Then one lunch break at work, when we're on break together with some others, I'm eating my mousse...and he says to someone else "Michaela loooves her strawberry ice cream" to someone...and it was just so...GRR!
It's not really ADHD related but

And sometimes the way he talks to me, I dunno maybe it's me being weird but when he asks if my dinner is nice...just cos I'm quiet and don't say grown-up things like "Mm this has turned out really good, the potato is delicious" it doesn't mean you have to ask's mainly more in front of other people. I mean yeah it's just little chit-chat but it's the way you say something that counts I think...there's nothing wrong with asking someone how their food is (especially as he cooks ) but when there are others in the room and I already feel awkward cos I look so young for my age and often wear casual clothes instead of what other girls my age wear...

Don't call me lazy omg that drives me insane!! People do NOT understand! GRR! Especailly when they themselves aren't perfect and actually are quite ADHD!

Also just to metion one that was previously posted, about saying we're not normal, accept it or go it! My boyfriend knows I have Asperger's and porbably ADHD and he knows quite a lot about them. Yet he has a go at me for things that I do/shouldn't do, but are because of them. Like sometimes I'll forget to say bye to someone or just won't coz I feel awkward, it's the same with saying thank you. Afterwards he'll moan at me for it and I just wish he'd think more about why I did what I did. It's the same with family too. My mum acts as though I'm a pain sometimes I've heard her talking on the phone to people about me. And she had the cheek to say once (when I mentioned my AS) that I "played on it"! I do not! Luckily my brother seems to understand more, just a shame he doesn't live at home anymore.

Also I don't like it when my boyfriend (sorry to keep moaning about him!) introduces me to people for me. Yeah I have issues socialising and can be shy but I am perfectly capable of saying hello and introducing myself. It makes me look and feel childish and incapable. Ok I just said I can forget to say bye, but saying hello is different. Definitely with new people anyway, if I met my friends at school I'd often start rabbling on about something random! I want to make a good first impression, I don't want people saying what they always say (that I'm quiet at first)...I try hard not to be but when my bf takes control then that's it. It takes a lot for me to pluck up confidence and when I'm about to smile and say hey and think of what I can say to that person, then my bf speaks just as I'm about to...gone. The confidence is gone. Meeeh...

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