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i sigh b/c i too am taking adderal @ 20mgs. (extended release)
i've refused to supplement w/ an addition 5mgs in the afternoons of immediate release...
but now i'm wondering if i should do it.

i've been reluctant to change my dosage despite my extreme exhaustion, mental exhaustion,
i feel like i'm toiling sort of and i fear its the withdrawal that you speak of...

i have i'm going to start doing the 5mgs. of lexepro at night to see if that takes the edge off. but i hate lexepro. took 5mgs during the day the other day and i felt like total shiiite.
so -i'll try it at night. if it still makes me feel that way i guess i'm screwed.

yesterday i did an experiment and took an extra dose of 20mgs. of adderall. i wondered if it would make my headache go away ( i suffer from more headaches, and more intense than normal these days) so yeah my headache went ahhhh thank go.
me later: OMG my head hurts even worse and i have to take two tylenol PM's to get to sleep

is it not working properly?
i have had constipation. i just figured that if a drank a bunch more water, and then delve into some old ppl tricks like prunes or whatever that i can improve that scenario..i'm less concerned about that then anything else.

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