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Re: I cannot do things automatically

Originally Posted by DJ Bill View Post
Yup, do it all the time. I have had moderate success with leaving the keys in the door and making sure I lock it when I go thru it. My keys also have my car key, so I "have" to lock the door. Still, I check. Another thing that helps a little is when the door is locked I pull on the knob to make sure it did lock, then say out loud to myself I have locked the front door. Only once in two years did I go back because I didn't remember locking the door and actually found it open, so I have learned to trust myself a little more.

Somehow you have to arrange things so you have to do those automatic things to go on to the next thing. And no, I don't always get it right. I am constantly going back to check.
I have a lot of routines, some of which took me years to get used to. For one, all of my keys are on a lanyard attached to my trousers 24/7. My wallet is also in the pocket of my trousers. This goes well as long as I don't make exceptions. That's one of the few things I now have a sort of foolproof method for. I am open to suggestions for other "fixes"!

Still, it seems as if other people can actually do things without having to make a conscious effort. I am not sure how to describe it, but I think that the fact that I remember everything I have done does indicate that apparently I have done it with a conscious effort.

One thing with ADHD is that we tend to be inattentive or "lost in thought". Usually people can do routine tasks while lost in thought, but I can do very, very little in that state. That is problematic, as it is most of the time
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