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Re: The Official Adderall IR Generics Information Thread

Originally Posted by thething313 View Post
I'm posting in this thread with the hope of getting come current feedback regarding generic brands of Adderall IR. I have always done very well with teva/barr brand generic, although I haven't experienced much in the way of different manufactures of IR. Referring to the IR, I have only had Core subbed in once, to which I did not react well (Very raw feeling, if that makes sense. Just felt like I mega-dosed caffeine or something). Recently, my doctor and I decided it would be beneficial to test the waters and try a few other types of medication. After a few months, I have easily decided that adderall IR is best for my needs. I know generics can be a bit finicky and I have also heard about teva/barr recently moving its manufacturing facility outside of the U.S. along with having FDA recalls from these forums, so I feel it advantageous to get some first hand feedback. If anyone wants to share their recent experience with teva/barr or any other generic adderall IR it would be much appreciated!!
I wanted to post here, just in case people are still searching for info on this. I was recently prescribed adderall. I had tried a few from a friend and found a WORLD of difference, saw a psych, scored super high on ADD (go figure) so my doc prescribed me 10mg addderall, SUPER. Well the pharmacy gave me 10mg SANDOZ manufacturer... well omg they were NOTHING like what I tried from my friend, no focus, tons of anxiety about doing work, and felt very speedy. This was a different drug. I only took 3 from my friend and this was completely different... so I did some research, found out different manufacturers have way different effects on different people. I called my friend who gave me his to try, come to find out his manufacturer was BARR. So I called the pharmacy he got his from, (Walgreens here locally) and they confirmed they carry BARR. So I returned my bottle of Sandoz back to my doc, and he wrote out a new script so I could go get the BARR produced 10mg pills... took one a few hours ago, and it is NIGHT AND DAY how different they are, no anxiety, pure focus.... Want to work fast and hard... it's amazing the differences you get from different generics. Barr is the way to go if you can find it.
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