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19 yr old son playing computer games and not working

My son, ADHD medicated, finished high school last year. He was not particularly academic and has had trouble working out what to do with his life. He started a Digital Gaming course but struggled with it as high level mathemathics were required. He then decided to start a basic level graphic design course. The course is very easy and only two days a week. He doesn't try particularly hard in the course but he is doing ok. He has tried to get a job as a waiter, kitchen and etc but with no luck. His social skills are not great and he only has one friend.

The big problem is his playing computer games which he spends all his spare time doing. He shuts himself in his room and plays night and day. He will come out and do his chores when asked and go straight back to his room.

We've tried turning off the internet, threats, encouragement, sports etc. They work for a while and then he turns back to his computer. When he games he becomes non communicative and angry.

My husband and I are at our wits end. We feel like kicking him out but he has no job and no money to support himself. We are in our early 60s and sick of this constant intensive parenting.

Is anyone else experiencing this situation?

Any ideas or help would be gratefully appreciated.
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