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I Second This Idea that Internet Addiction is Seriously Bad for His Brain....

Originally Posted by MItterday View Post
I hear you. People can get addicted to computers games. I believe it fulfills the need for excitement, instant friends and challenges, as well as being perfect for those with a short attention span.

I just did a little online research on this and discovered that individuals with ADHD and those with Autism can become addicted to video games (here is link - However, that you probably have already figured out. Not the next question is what to do about it.

It might be a good idea to talk with a counselor or even your sons' doctor about your concerns as addictive behavior can sometimes be controlled by medicine and diet. Also, using boundaries with your son might be a good idea as well. There is a great book about setting boundaries entitled, "Boundaries with Teens, When to Say Yes and How to Say No" that might be helpful as well.

Take care and good luck.
Although internet addiction is not yet a recognized diagnosis, research is already moving beyond that to examine exactly what changes are occurring in the brains of those affected. And guess what? It seems to alter dopamine structures as well as pathways.

Not only are ADHD teens probably more susceptible initially, internet gaming may turn out to be one of the worst things they can do to their themselves to desire and need even more of the instant non-social rewards that are hampering their ability to self-regulate in the first place.

I have long suspected there is something profoundly harmful and mind-altering about video games and internet chat rooms for some people, just as there is with alcohol and gambling. It's nice to know I wasn't crazy, but I can see this is going to cause a lot of suffering, stress and animosity in households where this addiction is taking root.

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