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Re: The Grief process after being diagnosed with Adult ADD/ADHD.

my personal answer to your question about reading is that, not surprisingly, I would get lost reading books to the procrastination of everything else, and then the Internet opened up a whole new world of interesting topics to read about -again distracted letting everything else slide .... so love to read, but sometimes have to stop cold turkey in order to get things done. Perhaps meds will eventually help balance reading time.... as well as all other activities in general. (month 2, 1st 30mg upped to 40mg Vyvanse). Also, in reading through some of the posts, it seems that many ADDers gravitate and respond to reading/writing for support rather than seek traditional "in-person" support. I think that's why it took me so long to seek help - no internet in my younger days. So thanks to you and everyone else that posts their experiences and advice.
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