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Re: The Grief process after being diagnosed with Adult ADD/ADHD.

Hello everyone -

I finally got the strength to sign up to this site and actually WRITE something after been on here for weeks reading other peoples posts and seeing that I'm not the only person dealing with all these issues.... And that there IS hope....

Like a lot of people, i used to think ADD/ADHD meant, someone really hyper, jumping off the walls type of person. TOTAL opposite of me. I've always suffered from depression and been on antidepressants for a year now (totally sucks cause i still feel like i'm not happy). So I went to my psychiatrist last week whining and furious because i'm sick of taking these pills that obviously DONT work. So he's making me go see the psychologist today to get tested for ADD/ADHD because he feels there's something else going on aggrevating my depression. Which I think he's totally right and I'm just freaking out right now because I'm NOT ready to hear I have ADD/ADHD.......

I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! My appt is at 5:00p.m today, I'm at work, palms sweating, a knot in my stomach i can't even eat... I'm totally losing it...!

So I figured today would be the PERFECT day to sign up to this forum and get some advice from people who have gone through this, and how they copped, and just experiences in general to make this crazy head of mine realize that I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!

Now I'm just curious... What is this doctor going to do to find out if i have ADD/ADHD? Do i have to talk a lot? (I have serious socialphobia and detest talking with people i don't know). Am i going to find out right away before the session is over? Is she going to give me new meds right away? Pleaseeeee I'm begging you guys to inform me as much as possible... I am completely losing my mind...
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