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Re: Can I think that someone spoke as if he/she was mad and not really be?

This is one of my worst symptoms. It makes me SUPER uncomfortable when people are mad at me and very, very angry when it's not my fault. This problem has been a major source of fights with my wife. This morning was a doozy...In my case, I've gotten 3rd party opinions of some of our interactions and others confirm it wasn't an attack. I'm sure there are some times where her tone is actually crabby and she either didn't realize or didn't mean to so my defensiveness was actually unwarranted. It's often just he said/she said and it's been established that I don't always know.

I find it quite odd that, as an actor throughout childhood and my first round of college to even when I was on tour, I could happily take criticism. Now I start to blame others and lash out. There's a lot of these instances where I'm so mad I could scream where I'm later trying to figure WTF happened.
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